Maryland Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvas

Historic trading ports or endless blue crabs, our Maryland canvas will have you ready for your next trip to Little America. 
Maryland stitch painted needlepoint canvas on 13 mesh
PVC zip project bag
Size 22 Bohin tapestry needle
White needle threader (how-to guide here)
White seam ripper
Vineyard Silk Wool Threads
VS Bright White M-1109 (M, A, N)
VS Jet Black M-1111(M, A, Y, L, N, D)
VS Monks Robe M-1041 (L, A)
VS Toasted Almond M-1037 (R, L)
VS Conch M-1136 (A, A)
VS Mojito M-1179 (Y, L)
VS Wellesley Whistle M-1208 (R, A)
VS Nautical M-1205 (R, A)
VS Blueberry M-1239 (A, R, A)
VS Twilight M-1096 (D)
VS  Steel Grey M-1106 (A, D)
VS Paloma M-1105 (A, L, A)
VS Holiday Red M-1007 (M, R)
VS Sizzle M-1183 (A, N)
VS Custard M-1164 (M, A, Y, A, D)
VS Nectarine M-1026 (L)
Background thread 6 rows around each side: almost 2 skeins
We used VS Bright White M-1109
Basic tent stitch (Basketweave) used on all letters
Nobuko Stitch was used for the background to create a water effect

M - State Flag

A - State Capitol

R - Crab Hammer Set

Y - Black Eyed Susan (State Flower)

L - Terrapin

A - Sailboat

N - Natty Bo Beer Man

D - Raven

Finishing Note for Minis

-We recommend stitching 1" on each end for keychain finishing

-We recommend 1 additional row around the stitch painted design for ornament finishing

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  • Donna

    Is the Maryland canvas still available?
    Thank you

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