Penny Linn + Morgan Julia Designs Nantucket Weekend

Nantucket, MA

 Penny Linn and Morgan Julia Designs are excited to welcome you to a fun weekend in Nantucket! We had so much fun last year that we had to do it again. This year, we'll be celebrating the Penny Linn x Erica Wilson trunk show, the launch of the Morgan Julia Designs x Erica Wilson Nantucket bar cart, and a PL x MJD exclusive launch.

Like last year, Morgan and I are keeping with more non-ticketed events, so the weekend is free to join when and where you can. We loved how easy it was (for everyone involved) to show up and hang out. So pack your bags and projects, and meet us in ACK.


The weekend is free to join, and you can participate as little or as much as you want. Each day we’ll have different meet-ups or meals planned, and we’d love to have you join us for whatever you can make! Below is our schedule and top recommendations for things to do on the island when we’re not together.

We just ask that you please RSVP by buying this ticket here to reserve your spot.

Thursday July 25:
Thursday, people will be trickling in, so the morning and afternoon will be spent walking around town, shopping, and eating lunch. We'll have a text chain going for anyone coming in and will update our whereabouts throughout the day.

In the early evening, we will be at Erica Wilson promoting our trunk show and the MJD Bar Cart. The timing is TBD.

Thursday night dinner will be TBD based on who is around to join, but after that, we will do our annual Karaoke night at Rose and Crown. Easily the best part of last year's weekend!

Friday July 26:
Friday morning, we'll go to Island Kitchen for breakfast -- one of my favorite spots in Nantucket. In the early afternoon, we'll head to Jetties beach (weather permitting) for some afternoon stitching and hanging out. We'll spend most of our day here. If the weather is bad, we'll have people over at our place in town for stitching inside.

Friday dinner will be on your own, with a meet-up at The Juice Bar for dessert and then The Chicken Box after for a nightcap. So get some sleep and get ready to dance the night away!

Saturday July 27:
Saturday morning, we'll take the Nantucket Wave for anyone who's in town out to Sconset for another day at the beach. Once we get there, we'll grab breakfast/brunch at Claudette's. Try to bring a blanket or chair for the beach.

Before dinner, we'll head back into town to get ready for an early 5 p.m. dinner at Millie's. Again, we will take the Nantucket Wave out to dinner together for anyone in town and then plan to do beach stitching after dinner is over to hopefully catch a great sunset. 

Sunday July 28:
Sunday will be on your own as people will be packing up to leave but we can coordinate who is around closer to the date!


For anyone who wants to join or is thinking they want to join, please purchase a free ticket HERE so we can keep track of who can join and for when.

If you want to come but need a place to stay, please email me at and we can connect you with other stitchers wanting to do the same!

Some helpful tips:

  • If you have to wait for check-in, you can drop your bags at 5 Candle Street for $8.00 each piece for a Suitcase/Zipper Bag, $10.00 for a secure Small Tote, and $12.00 for a secure Large Tote.
  • If you are taking the Ferry, you can walk into town. If you are flying in, take the Nantucket Wave into town for $3 (make sure you bring cash).
  • Bring a sweatshirt (or don't and buy one on island!) because the nights will get cold.

Places to Stay (with current availability for our weekend!)

Nantucket Inn

Hotel Pippa

Cliff Lodge

The Wauwinet

Anchor Inn

Brass Lantern Inn

The Cottages at Nantucket Boat Basin (this is where we are staying)

The Periwinkle B&B

Nantucket Resort Collection

Greydon House

Here are our top recommendations for… (all * items are in town)



Lemon Press*


Or, The Whale*

Island Kitchen



Brotherhood of Thieves*

Oath Pizza*

Something Natural

Born and Bread*





Island Kitchen

Bar Yoshi*


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