Needlepoint Wicker Bag Launch

All bags are are interchangeable! The idea is that they fit finished or unfinished needlepoint into the open slot. With finished pieces, slip them in through the inside of the purse. When you first get the bag, the pocket will be tight but will loosen up over time. Just take your time with your delicate needlepoint piece!

For unfinished canvases, I first double check the size fills the opening then fold it back into a square/ rectangle shape. No need for cutting! The extra canvas folds help keep it in place in the pocket. I prefer (and suggest) to slip the unfinished piece through the front of the bag opening since it'll be easier and not snag at the edges of the canvas

We have 5 styles in different colors:
4X4" round -- White / black / brown
4X4" square -- White / brown
2x4" rectangle -- White / black / brown
Small oval (~2.5 × 4.5") -- White / black / brown
Large oval (~3.5 × 5") -- White / black / brown

All sizes are $95 and the 4X4 square is $150. This is just due to costs from the manufacturing. We took a big hit with profits on this one (especially wholesale) and tried to make this as affordable as possible.

These are *hand woven* and personally constructed in a local village in Vietnam. Which means each bag is totally unique and will vary slightly bag to bag. Sometimes the opening on one will be a little larger than one on another, etc. It's what makes each bag so special!

It's taken over a year and a half to launch these bags because of quality issues not meeting our standard. We are really grateful to be in a place where we love the bags but that is not without some hiccups! These women are masters in weaving baskets, but are not trained seamstresses. Working with fabric is not a strong skill but we made it work.

So your lining may look a little crooked or an inside edge may be left unfinished but none of it effects the usability of the bag itself, how it looks, or how it functions. To apply the lining to the wicker, a strong material glue was used and sometimes vou may see it peeking through on the inside of the bag. That's normal and again doesn't change the function or usability of the bag itself.

Last week and part of this week, we went to quality check the bags when they arrived in the warehouse. I personally opened and checked over 1,200 bags " to make sure each and every one was in the best shape as possible. I cut loose strings, I removed any excess glue, and I pulled ANY bag not up to standard.

In this process, we lost 430 bags from inventory and will be holding a warehouse sale later this spring. Some SKUs were better than others but the biggest ones to take a hit are the square 4×4 bags. Because we took store pre orders, any good ones went to them first so we have 30 stores to push you to for when these sell out tomorrow on our site. Because these women in Vietnam are AMAZING they are replacing all unusable inventory and we hope to restock in May/June.

So if you miss out, do not worry! The order is already placed to get them fixed. If you get your order in and have any questions about it please always reach out and we will help make it right. But I want you to know everything up front about quality/lining/glue beforehand so you know fully what you're buying. I stand by the product 110% and I think when you get them in your hands, you're going to freak out. Guys... they are SO GOOD


  • Virginia McCullough

    Will you be getting any more of the wicker bags in brown or navy?

  • Lk Hollaway

    What are the straps make of? Leather?

  • Lee Ellen Darden

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. How can I order?

  • Kathy

    I love
    My bag but would
    Love a section of canvas as that fit the bags from your perspective. Love your shop ❤️

  • Debi Huskins

    I love the oval large in brown. Can you direct me to the best place to order?

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