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That brings us to our next stitch, the continental. This is what I primarily use because I'm used to it, and it's what I'm best at. It's the most consistent of all my stitches because I've been doing it the longest.

The continental is very much like the half-cross stitch, but it uses a medium amount of thread and has a medium amount of coverage on the back of your canvas. The motions are also the same as the half cross, but they go in the opposite direction on the back of your canvas. Think about the thread on the back going the long way to the next hole instead of the shortcut.



The continental is also my most used because it's super versatile on your canvas. You can go horizontally, vertically, diagonally, work with letters, images, you name it! You can also do this with half cross and the combo continental half cross, but I thought it would be easiest to show you under the umbrella of the continental stitch. 

Here are two examples of using it in a diagonal line, which you would only do for an image/motif or lettering, and never for a larger background. Below is an example of how you would use it for a letter, from our Ew, David sweater!

Continental diagonal Stitch how to needlepoint guide
continental letter stitch how to guide needlepoint
You can read more about tent stitches here and watch more How-To videos here!


  • Tina Aldo

    I’m doing a stocking for my granddaughter ! I’m getting confused going up the side of the stocking ! Can’t get the Continental stitches right! Can u help me out! Please

  • Erika S

    Krista – These tutorial videos are amazing, thank you!

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